About Us

We are locally owned and owner operated with over 30 years in the building, roofing and glazing industry. All our skylights and roof access hatches are New Zealand made for New Zealand Conditions.

We also maintain and or install all other brands of skylight, tubular skylights and acrylic domes.
All staff have their unit standards for working with heights.
All staff are either trade qualified builders, roofers, glaziers or are extremely experienced. All staff are experienced Butynol applicators

RANZ – Member of the Roofing Association New Zealand
LBP – Government approved Licensed Practitioners in both building and roofing
Members of Site Safe
Experienced Butynol Applicators  
Members of No More Cowboys – see our fantastic feedback

Dave – the Director of Skylight Specialists, Dave is a trade qualified builder and roofer who has been in the building/roofing and glazing industry for over 30 years, with more than 20 years specialising in the skylight industry.

Dave and his team started on their skylight journey by installing imported brands of skylights for other companies. Over a short period of time it became apparent to Dave that these skylights were not surviving our harsh weather conditions. This was highlighted by the number of pre-existing skylights leaking, with some failing well short of their guarantee period. Dave and his designers used their experience to create skylights that require very little maintenance and that are robust enough to cope with all that New Zealand can throw its way.

With Dave’s 30+ years in the building, roofing and glazing industry, along with his experienced and knowledgeable team, Skylight Specialists can assure you that all work is done to an extremely high standard.

The Skylight Specialists team consisting of trade builders, roofers and glaziers, they, right down to the plastering of the lightwell. This means you do not have to worry about organising other contractors to complete the installation. We can do re-roofs and install your skylights at the same time.This gives you peace of mind as you are dealing with just one company for the entire job

If any building works are found to be required when removing the roof, you know we have the qualifications to fix them immediately rather than have the stress and delays of having to find a builder to do it. We provide quality control as you are dealing with just the one company – Skylight Specialists