Timber Frames

Skylight Specialists Wellington

Skylight Specialists visit many sites with this type of imported brand skylights, most of them being timber framed.  Any skylights, windows and doors manufactured in NZ have either a 5-10mm drainage channels, with these timber framed skylights only having 1-2mm channel which in our professional opinion is not sufficient for NZ let alone Wellington’s harsh weather conditions.  Again, anything manufactured in NZ has condensation channels, these timber framed skylights do not have any at all. 

It means moisture is simply soaked up by the timber frame of the skylight or your home.  Timber moves with your building and absorbs any moisture around, so over time they weaken, twist, warp and also rot causing mold. 

The unfortunate thing is most people think the stains on the inside of the timber frame is just condensation or the like.  These stains are the first sign that your skylight is failing and only the beginning of your problems. 

When you start to get dark spots or the corners are black on the timber frame again people think it is just age, it is not.  These frames start to rot from the outside, when you can see this inside, it means the skylight is in a very weak state as has rotted from the outside to what you see now.  There is no cheap quick fix for this as the frame is already rotten and in a weak state

Does your skylight look like the ones below? 


If so, please contact us on 04 938 0721 or 027 595 4448 to assess the skylight. It is a sign of rot or mould as there is water leakage.