• We are locally owned and operated. Dave, the director of Skylight Specialists, oversees all works from the beginning (quoting stage) right to the end
  • Dave is an LBP  –  Government approved practitioner in both building and roofing
  • Member of RANZ – Roofing Association New Zealand
  • All our installers are either trade qualified builders/roofers or extremely experienced
  • Experienced Butynol Applicators
  • All our staff are licenced skylight installers
  • With all of the above and Dave’s 30+ years in the building, roofing and glazing industry, Skylight Specialists can assure you that all works are done to an extremely high standard.
  • Skylight Specialists can do the whole installation, right to the plastering of the lightwell. This means you do not have to worry about organising other contractors to complete the installation.
  • We can do re-roofs and install your skylights at the same time. This gives you peace of mind as you are dealing with just one company for all the works. If any building works are found to be required when removing the roof you know we have the qualifications to fix them immediately rather than have the stress and delays of having to find a builder to do it.
  • We provide quality control as you are dealing with just the one company – Skylight Specialists

Skylight Specialists is very proud to say that after the June 2013 storm and the earthquakes we were inundated with calls from both homeowners and insurance companies to either repair or replace skylights throughout the Greater Wellington Region. None of these call outs were for our own Skylight Specialists skylights. That our skylights performed so well under the excessive strain from these events show that the superior design, robust materials and exceptional installation of our skylights make them more than a match for New Zealand’s most severe weather conditions.

Skylight Specialists